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Category: Seasonal

Jul 3, 2024


JUNE IS GREAT OUTDOORS MONTH! AS WE KICK OFF SUMMER AND CELEBRATE THE FOUR OF JULY, MAKE TIME TO GET THE HECK OUTSIDE! Research shows that spending time outdoors has many positive effects on your health. While there are many year-round activity options, in Northeastern Pennsylvania our short-lived summer is the inspiration to “suck the […]

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May 15, 2024

Spring is here … the days are longer and sun stronger! How's your Vitamin D?

Most would agree that this spring has a little cloudy, rainy and cool in NEPA. However, warm sunny days are soon to come. While protection from the sun is very important, too much time indoors playing computer games and watching television, can lead to potential problems from lack of exposure to the sun. One must […]

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Jan 17, 2023


There is a very good chance that the cold temps and snow will return soon! Winter in NEPA can be the perfect opportunity to try something new. For example, for those who enjoy running or walking you can continue to do so in the winter, with a few adjustments. Equipment, such as treaded sneakers, allows […]

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Mar 16, 2020

Seasonal​ ​Affective​ ​Disorder

It’s that time of year…after a long winter of nights that come early and last too long there is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! In the fall and winter, especially this far north, many people start to feel the gloom of their surroundings creep into their psyche and spring cannot arrive too soon...Is this normal, or a sign of something more serious?

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Apr 8, 2013

A Little Sun and Vitamin D

Spring is here … the days are longer and sun stronger! This winter I saw local dermatologist, Dr. Ted Stampien, Jr. and his wife, Susan, driving in their convertible. I joked that the only time a dermatologist feels protected from the sun while riding in a convertible is in the winter with the top up. […]

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Apr 30, 2012

Dealing With Spring and Summer Allergies: Part 1 of 2

This spring and summer, make time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Northeast PA. But, for many, there is a price to pay for such pleasure…allergies! People often wonder whether or not the symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, and cough are due to illnesses such a cold, flu, sinus infection or allergies.  The main distinguishing […]

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Nov 7, 2011

Flu Myths: Part 2 of 2

Guest Columnist: Anthony J. Yanni, MD, FACP, CPE  At this time every year, patients come to our office with questions and concerns about the flu shot. In an attempt to educate the public and dispel any fears or misconceptions, I have taken this issue directly to the experts… the people who manufacture the vaccine at […]

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Jan 24, 2011

Walk or Run Safely This Winter: Part 1 of 2

Many people living in Northeastern Pennsylvania attempt to exercise outdoors year round. The psychological benefits are many: each season brings its own unique beauty, and winter is no different. Most will not have to abandon outdoor activities, but some adjustments in equipment, clothing, and food are necessary for each season and the temperature changes that it brings.

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Aug 23, 2010

Prevent Junior Football Injuries

Since my column on the prevention of heat stroke in football practice ran two weeks ago, I have received several calls and emails requesting more information about safety tips in youth football. In response, this column is written to raise the level of consciousness and to educate coaches, players and parents about the importance of injury prevention in young play

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Aug 2, 2010

Spend Time Outdoors--It's Good For You!

It is reported that Americans spend 90% of their lives indoors and that number increases with age. The truth of the matter is the risk of being one with nature is far less than the ill effects of a life stuck indoors. Please consider the following benefits of spending time outdoors.

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