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Category: Recovery

Feb 19, 2024


SAFE RETURN TO DRIVING AFTER INJURY OR SURGERY I enjoy the privilege of working with people recovering from a wide variety of medical conditions. Many of these conditions can directly affect activities of daily living, particularly, the ability to drive safely: orthopedic and sports injuries, fractures, sprains and strains, joint replacements, hip fractures, shoulder and […]

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Jan 29, 2024

Ice Baths - Benefits and Risks

What is an Ice Bath? Ice baths have become a new trend or fad in health and fitness, especially among elite athletes and some celebrities. However, it is far from a new treatment modality. In fact, the Ancient Greeks employed cold-water immersion for fever, pain relief, relaxation and socialization. In addition, Hippocrates documented the use […]

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Nov 28, 2023


Part II of II   Introduction: As most sports enthusiasts know, Aaron Rodgers, former Green Bay Packer quarterback and recent New York Jets QB (for just over a minute and half) suffered a season ending injury when he tore his Achilles tendon in the first game of the 2023/24 NFL season. Since then, I have been […]

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Oct 4, 2023

Compression Socks for Runners – Wear After The Race!

Jury Out on Value for Running Performance Runners will attempt to conquer 26.2 miles from Forest City to downtown Scranton in the 26th Annual Steamtown Marathon this Sunday. Participants may want to consider new research that suggests the use of compression socks may prevent post race blood clots. Completing the long and arduous 26.2 mile […]

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Jun 12, 2023


A local high school teacher came to my office with weakness and numbness on one side of her face. This well-groomed, attractive middle-aged woman was unable to smile, frown, pout, speak, or eat with facial symmetry. She suffered from a cold, on and off, for about two months. It was not a bad cold, but […]

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Mar 30, 2023


One of the most common questions I receive from patients is related to the management and care of their cast or splint. Given the fact that one may have to live with a cast or splint for four to six weeks (sometimes less, sometimes more), many people have concerns about hygiene, swelling, pain and function […]

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Oct 18, 2022


Congratulations to the enthusiastic and dedicated runners who finished the 25th Annual Steamtown Marathon yesterday. Most, if not all of you are waking up this morning with a little less jump in your step than you had yesterday. As active people by nature, many of you will resist the logic of rest, despite the pain […]

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