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“I was nervous and forgot to ask my doctor questions about my diagnosis!” “When the nurse asked me, I could not remember my medications!” These are two examples of the many frustrations patients have when visiting their physicians. Research shows, those who prepare in advance for their physician visits, have more satisfaction than those who just show up for their appointment. Moreover, for patients seeing multiple physicians, such as specialists, often communication is poor and your participation in the process can be invaluable. There are things you can do to prepare for your physician visits...

Make a Checklist

Medication List

Symptom List

Be Honest

Keep a Medical Journal

Bring a Family Member or Friend

Bring Your  Glasses and Hearing Aid

Remember, your health is too important to rely on memory for accuracy…so be a proactive participant. With technology, it has never been easier to keep a medical journal to improve accuracy and communication. There are several “Apps” such as “” that allow you to do this on your phone, tablet or lap-top computer and offer privacy code features.

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This article is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. If you have questions related to your medical condition, please contact your family physician. For further inquires related to this topic email:

Paul J. Mackarey PT, DHSc, OCS is a Doctor in Health Sciences specializing in orthopaedic and sports physical therapy. Dr. Mackarey is in private practice and is an associate professor of clinical medicine at GCSOM.

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