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It is two months away from the 25th Steamtown Marathon. This column is dedicated to those dedicated runners preparing for the big day, Sunday, October 9, 2022.

Congratulations and thank you to Bill King, founder and race director, and his band of brothers, for their tireless efforts organizing and sustaining a great race that instills pride for all people of NEPA. It has inspired many people, including me, to transfer the discipline and determination required to complete a marathon by overcoming challenges one mile at a time.

Now, a little marathon history: In 490 B.C. Phedippides, ran 25 miles from Marathon to Athens to deliver an important military message and died immediately. Ironically, the first marathon of the modern Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens was won by Spiridon Louis, a humble Greek peasant, who stopped along the way for a glass of wine and told the owner of the tavern that he would win the race. He was determined to pace himself properly, as he knew the dusty, hilly path better than anyone in the field. He was greeted with jubilation and become a hero and legend.


Avoid the “terrible too’s”

Only run miles needed to meet your goals

Avoid inconsistent training

Avoid repeating hard workouts without any easy workouts in between

Consider cross training to avoid overtraining without compromising fitness level

Treat your feet right

Visit your doctor regularly and listen to your body. 

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