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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) cited studies suggesting that heavy use of
electronic media may interfere with children’s speech and language development replace
important playtime with parents and lead to obesity. Studies also have found that more than 90
percent of U.S. kids have used mobile devices and most started using them before age 1. The
pediatricians’ group recommends no screen time for children up to age 2. Moreover, they
recommend total screen time, including TV and computer; use should be less than one hour daily
for ages 2 and older. Pediatricians don’t want parents to overreact. They understand that a little
screen time on occasion is not likely to harm a child, especially if they are typically active and
creative most of the day.
Dramatic increases in virtual education makes this information more alarming. This may be the
year to consider safe and appropriate gifts that promote physical activity. The academy’s website
offers suggestions on ideal toys for young children, including balls, puzzles, coloring books and
card games. Visit: or, the official parenting website of the AAP.

American Academy of Pediatricians Toy Recommendations:

Giving gifts to children is a favorite part of the holidays, whether they're wrapped under a tree or exchanged with the lighting of a candle. When choosing a toy for a child, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the toy be appropriate for the child's age and stage of development. This makes it more likely the toy will engage the child – and reduces the risk it could cause injury. Below are some additional tips from the AAP on toy selection and safety:

 SOURCE: American Academy of Pediatrics

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