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Category: General Wellness

Jul 10, 2024

Fight Ageism…Live Strong and Healthy!

There are Many Positives About Aging! Ageism is prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age… While I hesitate to discuss politics, as an aging physical therapist, I feel that it is incumbent upon me to speak out against ageism, especially with so much attention being paid to the age of the candidates […]

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Jul 3, 2024


JUNE IS GREAT OUTDOORS MONTH! AS WE KICK OFF SUMMER AND CELEBRATE THE FOUR OF JULY, MAKE TIME TO GET THE HECK OUTSIDE! Research shows that spending time outdoors has many positive effects on your health. While there are many year-round activity options, in Northeastern Pennsylvania our short-lived summer is the inspiration to “suck the […]

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Jun 26, 2024


I have been advising my patients to exercise, keep active, and walk as long as they can in order to stay mobile and healthy. However, seniors often tell me activities that require prolonged walking is limited by ankle pain from arthritis. They often ask, “What is arthritis of the ankle?” How does it happen? What […]

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Jun 19, 2024

When You Are Not Moving Enough…

Human beings were designed to move…walk, run, climb, lift, hunt, and gather. Contemporary man has suffered greatly from a technologically driven inactive and sedentary lifestyle. Inactivity is associated with many health problems; obesity, adult-onset diabetes, high blood pressure to name a few. The problems associated with lack of movement are many: Constipation The more you […]

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Jun 12, 2024


Most of us are all too familiar with someone in our family or workplace that can be described as a hyperactive or high energy person. I am sure members of my family or coworkers in my office are thinking that this statement is a self-description. Consequently, based on doctor’s advice, it is best to limit […]

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Jun 6, 2024


June is migraine and headache awareness month! According to the World Health Organization about half of the world’s adult population has had a headache at least once in the past year. Prolonged use of electronic devices has greatly contributed to this problem. For many people, these headaches are infrequent and do not often affect daily […]

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Jun 2, 2024

Exercise & Fitness … More Than Just Physical!

We’ve all heard it before – encouragement to exercise to trim our waistline or to speed up our metabolism.  However, there may be more benefit to lacing up those sneakers than you’d think.  Recent studies have established a link between exercise and cognition, making physical activity even more important. The Benefits: Exercise has been shown […]

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May 22, 2024

Exercise-Induced Asthma (EIA)

Spring is here! So, too, is allergy season and spring sports! It seems this every year at this time a young little league baseball player wheezes as they cross home plate and desperately tries to catch their breath. Players, coaches, umpires, parents watch in dismay, deciding whether they need to call an ambulance. Minutes later […]

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May 15, 2024

Spring is here … the days are longer and sun stronger! How's your Vitamin D?

Most would agree that this spring has a little cloudy, rainy and cool in NEPA. However, warm sunny days are soon to come. While protection from the sun is very important, too much time indoors playing computer games and watching television, can lead to potential problems from lack of exposure to the sun. One must […]

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May 8, 2024

Prevent Cancer by Vaccination for HPV

Data shows vaccination rates are declining since 2020 One of the greatest frustrations in modern medicine occurs when a safe, tried, and proven treatment exists to prevent deadly disease, but it is not possible to administer it to the potentially vulnerable victims. Over time, the disease unnecessarily spreads exponentially. Malaria in sub-Saharan Africa where one […]

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