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Category: Fitness Equipment

Jan 24, 2011

Walk or Run Safely This Winter: Part 1 of 2

Many people living in Northeastern Pennsylvania attempt to exercise outdoors year round. The psychological benefits are many: each season brings its own unique beauty, and winter is no different. Most will not have to abandon outdoor activities, but some adjustments in equipment, clothing, and food are necessary for each season and the temperature changes that it brings.

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Dec 13, 2010

Top Exercise Gifts For Christmas

Every year, well intended family members purchase expensive exercise equipment as Christmas gifts for loved ones with the hope of encouraging exercise and fitness for the New Year.

Selecting the right product for the specific needs of the person using the equipment may lead to better compliance and success.

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Dec 6, 2010

Toning Sneakers: Fitness Gift Review For Christmas

No matter what fitness goal you have set--trimming down, building strength, or enhancing endurance--most people would like to achieve it with as little effort as possible. This desire for a shortcut explains why so many people have laced up the newest "instability" sneakers from brands like ReebokR and SkechersR, which promise to increase muscle tone while you walk

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